Creating a new masterpage

Masterpage Overview

Masterpage is a type of template that helps the display of content. You can customize the installed template by allocate space for the navigation, the title, and the content, then you can repeat use the masterpage on certain pages on your website.

Creating a new masterpage

1. In the main menu at the top of the screen, click Masterpages. The system displays the list of masterpages and the following button in the toolbar above the masterpage list.

2. To create a new masterpage, click the Create a Masterpage button.
3. Enter the following information for the new masterpage:

  • Masterpage Name: The masterpage name displays in masterpage list. Example: Company Info
  • MasterPage Description: This is a note of what use of the masterpage.
  • Template: In this dropdown list you choose the base template of the new masterpage.
  • Template Masterpage: In this dropdown list you choose base masterpage of the new masterpage.
    Note: A template can have one more masterpage due to different page layout.
  • Template Theme: In this dropdown list you choose a theme of the new masterpage.

4. After you have entered all the information, required to create a masterpage, click Create a Masterpage button to create new masterpage.

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