Content widgets group

Content group

The content group is a category that contains widget item which you use to display reusable content you have created on Modules.

1. To manage categories, click Categories under Modules from main menu.

2. If you have created reusable content, click category name on category list on left side of screen.

3. Reusable widget item will be displayed on right side of screen.

Create a category

1. To create a category, click the Create a Category button from command bar.

2. Select the category node from category list where you want to create sub-category. To create category under root, select All Categories from list.

3. Type a category name then click Create a Category button.

Delete a category

1. Before delete a category, you need to ensure the category is empty and there is no sub-category underneath.

2. To delete a category, select the category name from category list.

3. Click Delete a Category from command bar.

4. Click OK on confirm window.

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