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IT Service and Strategy

Your website is likely to be a critical element in the success of your business. We can advise you on how to get the greatest business benefits from your web presence. It's vital to ensure that all of your IT systems are up to the task too and we're here to provide a full support service.

If you have issues with any of your computers, include hardware and software, you can talk to us for assistance. Our email address is:

We provide following IT service:

  • Information System Strategy and Plan
    1. Usually combine with True Requirement Elicitation.
    2. Focus on delivering outcome along with business objectives and goals.
    3. Planning IT strategy aligned with your business.
    4. Design IT service processes.
    5. Provide IT relevant training.
    6. Provide rich picture about your system.
  • True Requirement Elicitation
    1. Feasibility study and business study of your current business.
    2. Choose suitable techniques to elicit hidden requirements.
    3. Techniques include Interview, Shadowing, and Scenario analysis, with up to 12 different methods in total.
    4. Provide root definition of problem expression.
    5. Provide rich picture of current system.
  • IT Service Quality Control
    1. Integrate Quality tools to your system.
    2. Monitor and measure your Quality of service.
    3. Provide continuous service improvement suggestions.
    4. Provide Cause-and-effect analysis
    5. Provide Quality defect prevention suggestions.
  • IT Service Change Management
    1. Focus on delivering the method that smoothes your change process.
    2. Reduce risk and minimum impact to your daily operations.
    3. Design a change programme to manage the change.
    4. Provide continuous service improvement suggestions.
    5. Provide root definition of your problem expression.
    6. Provide rich picture of your system.

We provide IT services in Wimbledon, Kingston and surrounding areas.

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