Start your website

Functionality and Appearance

You can check what your website can do and how it looks like from Module Viewer and Template Viewer.

  • In Module Viewer it tells you what widgets you embed into your website.
  • In Template Viewer it list template and themes that you use for your website

Website Setting

You can view the information of your website setting and change the setting on the Website page. To open the website setting page, click Website link from main menu at the top of the screen.

1. You can turn on or off your website in Website Control.

  • To turn on your website, click On option.
  • To turn off your website, click Off option.
  • Click Switch button save the changes.

2. You can change your website Head Content with following information. The default setting will display if you didn’t give specific information for your page.

  • Title: default title for your website.
  • Keywords: default keywords for your website.
  • Description: default description for your website.

3. You can change your website default template.

  • To change template, click dropdown list, select new template from the list.
  • A preview of template will display below the dropdown list.

4. To save your setting, click Update Properties button.

Include JavaScript and CSS

You can include your own Script and CSS files for all of your web pages. Please do not remove jquery-x.x.x.js from JavaScript list and do not remove PageEditor_ToolBar.css and PageEditor_ToolPanel.css from CSS list. The e2CMS needs them in order to work properly.

1.You can link new JavaScript and CSS files.

  • Enter URL of your file
  • Click Add Script or Add CSS button save the changes.

2.You can edit JavaScript and CSS links.

  • Click Edit link next to JavaScript or CSS links.
  • Modify URL of the link.
  • Click Update Script or Update CSS button save the changes.

3. You can delete JavaScript and CSS links

  • Click Delete link next to JavaScript or CSS links.

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