e2CMS Content Management System

e2CMS Overview (Version 1.0.4)

Simple User Interface

e2CMS is a powerful CMS platform offering many useful ecommerce features. The new revolutionary framework is component based management system. The rich interactivity, drag-and-drop interface is very task oriented and easies the user interaction with the system.


Screen: Left: All components on web page are managed by drag and drop interface. Right: Web content manager can edit content on live site.

Design Flexiblity

Create Master page without coding using our template tools and design. You can instantly switch page template to shape your website according to your vision. A dynamic design refreshes your brand, responses to customer needs and adaptive to market demands. e2CMS includes all the tools to help you control of your web presence and the experiences you deliver.


Screen: Left: User can install multi templates and themes for their website. Right: very easy to switch from one to another.

Search Engine Optimization

e2CMS provides tools to manage your SEO campaigns. Through an easy user-interface, users can edit page name, titles, descriptions and keywords. With e2CMS you will never worry about miss filling any Meta tags. The system would save your time by automatic inherited keyword and descriptions from parent tree. e2CMS enables URL Aliasing, which allows users create simple and readable URLs, as well as search-friendly URLs.


Screen: Left: user can have global Title, Keyword and description. Right: Individual Title, Keyword and Description can be place for every single page and friendly URL are generated by system.

Digital Asset Management

Easily manage and secure hundreds of text, files, movies, images, PDFs and more by "dragging-and-dropping" in e2CMS File Manager. You can preview your image or text and copy, cut or paste your online items just like manage files in your windows desktop.


Screen: File Manager works just like windows file explorer.

Security and Permission

You can use Role management to personalize and grant access to e2CMS website. It is very easy to create customer area within your website and grant access to specific user group.


Screen: User can review page permissions and add new role for each page and group of pages.

More Functionality by Components

The Module Viewer provides overview of what your website can do. The more components installed by user the more things their website capable with. With Module Viewer you can check version, release date of the component you have installed and then decide whether to update to new version.


Screen: Website grows functionalities by install more modules, but site performance will never overload, all components are dynamically assembled by running time.

Increased Productivity

The CMS Platform is built by .NET technology. If you are developer or you wish to add new customer functions in you can easily upload ASCX Web User Control and include them as component inside your page.

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