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Website Design Process

Our Process

Your website does not have to look beautiful but professional. The job of a web page is to facilitate communication, to share information between the page and its visitors. You don't want people to stop and look at your web design (unless that actually is your goal.). You want them to interact with the information on it.

So, our process will pay more attention to your information. There are several steps that we take in order to make this a reality. At each stage, we get feedback from the client. It's important to make sure that you're involved in the entire process.


The first thing that happens when we get an enquiry is that we send the potential client a website planner. We do this in order to gather the key requirements of the project.

The main objectives of the planner are:

  • To find out who the client is and what they do
  • To discover who their target market/user is
  • To examine who their competition is
  • To identify the required deliverables
  • To clarify timeframes and budget

Research & Ideas

If the client already has a website, we go through that site and identify areas for improvement. We also carry out a full analysis of competitor websites. These actions help us to produce a successful design. We suggest several improvements that we feel can be integrated into the new site, often showcasing features that are being used by other successful sites. Depending on the project new branding may also be necessary, including logos, stationary and, company image.

Presentation of ideas

We have lots of pre-finished functions and templates. We'll suggest designs that we believe can meet your requirements. We're able to provide the functionality that you require, together with our stunning templates. We make the whole process quick and effective, taking into account your budget and timescales.


Once the project is complete, we handover all templates to the client. After launch, we will still monitor the analytics and make suggestions on how to improve the site and conversion rate. It's always possible to learn from the way in which users interact with the site, which allows us to make added improvements after the initial website launch.

Custom Feature Sites

We can also produce custom designs, using a very similar process. We begin by producing "wireframes", outlining some basic ideas. Once the client is happy with the wireframes it is time to open Photoshop and starts to fine-tune the designs. We will create templates for multiple pages.

With an understanding of the website's goals defined, we turn our attention to concepts of a more visual nature. The design phase focuses around the elements of the creative process and user interface.

We treat every project with a personal approach. By working hand in hand with the client to find your exact vision for a website, we discover what makes your site and your business tick, allowing us to produce a vision that meets the one you saw in your mind.

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